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Hydra and the Chase

by Euan


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Hydra and the chase
By Euan
Comic Panel 1
Chapter 1
In the morning a message arrived from messenger mouse and it said mum had been poisoned and left to die in a horrible death by Hydra Thium is a boy and he is very brave, Hearas is a girl younger sister, running away from Hydra with the magic sword.

The children were heading to a safe place called Torrius where their auntie and uncle lived. Hydra chased the children through the impenetrable forest past the swamp because she wanted the golden sword.

As darkness fell they climb a Oak tree and made a bed out of twigs and leaves. It was twilight and they starting to go to sleep in the morning they set of to Torrius town. On the way they saw rolling hills and walked across cultivated fields and streams. The weather was hot and humid. When they arrived at Torrius they ran to there auntie and uncle house.

They got there and opened the door to the kitchen and saw saucepans everywhere and spoons on the floor and ketchup all over the place. They looked everywhere they went up the slippery stars they looked in the unmade bedroom and in the filthy bathroom. They went out side and looked around a auntie and uncle were lost. They ran to steel a boat to get to Empty Island. They arrived at Empty Island it was cold and windy they saw a cave they explored the cave and went to sleep.
Comic Panel 1
chapter 2
A noise woke Thium up with a freight. He could see through his half closed eyes the Mouse, eating his food Thium jumped up and shooed the Mouse away Messenger Mouse said, "Don't kill me Hydra is after you." They got up and got all there stuff and they got on the boat and set of they arrived a verdant valley where some one was waiting for them, it was Hydra. Hydra was a sleep on a rock in the sun. Thium and Hearas crept up behind Hydra and grabbed the magic sword. Then they cut off one of here heads off Hydra woke up and screamed my head will come back she shouting. Thium and his sister said it wont come back because it's a magic sward. Hydra screamed and spun around and fell to the ground, dead. They made their way back it took them one day.

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