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by Olivia CURRAN


My first day of JAG!
By: Olivia
“Did I actually have swimming in jag today ?” I kept questioning myself, I was totally unprepared for swimming, it's way harder squad, not to mention I was scared to death by the thought of I ad to do it.

“This is the final announcement, please board your buses.” The bus office boomed into the mic.
Everyone was running to their buses, and the little children were screaming, meanwhile…..
“Olivia, can you hear me?” My mum asked the speaker on her phone.
“Yes, I can hear you,” I replied on my phone.
“You have jag today, remember?” my mum said loudly.

I ran off the bus just as they were about to leave, and I ran to the pool, I honestly had no clue I had swimming today, but I have my swimsuit from p.e, still shocked I changed into my swimsuit and waited for an hour, jag was a high squad in swimming and it was my first day to set a good impression.

1 hour later…….

I walked out with my bottle, staring at a clear pool, with all the lower squads leaving to 4: 30 bus and all of them looking so happy as they had finished swimming, I was just upset and looking at the pool, and smelling all that chlorine, all and started to head

where all the jags were doing the land warm-ups. I tried to copy them, I was not that good, I did not know how to do it.

 after 5 minutes we were doing another type of move, where we were walking backward in a streamlined position, I suddenly fell on these huge metal belchers, I rolled onto 
One of the metal seating fell right through it and landed on the hard rocky floor, I did not move for around 5 seconds as I was in pain, everybody started to laugh at me and I quickly got up with a fake smile, I could feel my face getting red either in anger or in embarrassment, I started to feel my eyes get all watery, AND I started to cry in pain and how dumb I looked, everybody started to understand that Iba was in pain, but nobody asked if I was alright.

 my coach just asked if I was alright, “You  good ?” 
 I nodded although I was not.
 I guess that was what it was like to be in JAG nobody really cares, they expect you to be fine, I was still crying I still just tried to be brave and do the land warm-up, y tummy was sore my back was sore, ughhhhh    

we jumped into our lanes and he explained our warm-up, I was quite shocked and scared of all of these people, and also it did not help that they had all of this gear like snorkels, paddles, kickboards, pool boy and fins, and I did not have any of that.

After we finished our warm-up witch felt like a huge main set, we had to take our pulse at the end of the warm-up, at least I remembered to do that.
“Olivia what is your pulse ?” coach aj asked me.
“ 105,” I said being hopeful that I took my pulse correctly.
“Hahahaha!” everyone started to laugh again, I got my pulse wrong I was meant to be 170.

I started to cry once again and my goggles filled with huge tears, I cleaned my emptied out my tears from my goggles.

We came to our main set, now I was terrified and to add to that my parents came over to watch.
“Go, Olivia, Go “ my dad yelled.
I said nothing and did nothing, and I completely regret ignoring my dad, I mean he was my number 1 supporter, and I felt horrible, after all, I rather have a dad that does something then a dad that does nothing. I was going to apologize after swimming.

I missed the time and was 2 seconds behind everyone, they were all so quick and managed to still have a lot of energy, meanwhile I was helpless, quarter way through our set, I felt like fainting, halfway through I felt like dying and at the end I was thinking I am pretty sure I have been good, I think I will go to heaven, right ?  we moved to some backstroke you had to do a backward dive in the water, it was my turn,
“SPLASH” I did a belly flop, on my back as I was doing the 3 underwater dives I could see the coaches looking at me, my tummy ached ad I whimpered.

Once we finished I honestly could not get out of the pool I was struggling with. I started walking to my parents trying to act all calm and cool like I could do it in my sleep, instead a tear started to roll down my cheek, and my mum and dad saw what was going on. 
“Olivia, don't cry, you are strong, and we are so proud, do not let them see you weak.”
My father looked at me straight in the eye, I knew what he meant, just as that was happening my coach came over, I was trying not to cry and wipe my tears up, soon after 
I just said. “Mum I am going to get changed.” so that my coach would not have to see me cry again, I mean you can not expect me not to be embarrassed and upset. 

I ran to the girl’s bathroom, looking down at the floor so none of the older girls would see me cry and then laugh, looking at me, I got my clothes and changed, my swimsuit was soaking wet and my hair dripped every few seconds, I was walking to the shower, to try and the chlorine off my hair instead I bashed my head on the locker door that someone left open, that I did not see as I was looking down at the floor. 

A few of the girls asked if I was alright and I nodded, the other older girls just laughed, so I decided not to shower, and I just got changed, and left outside, walking back to my parents for some reason, my coach was still talking to my parents by the pool, I could see some of the lifeguards taking of the lane ropes, just as I walked back with a sort fake smile, my coach looked at me and then gave me a high five, “bye, Olivia.” My coach shouted while walking back to his office, I COUKD NOT SAY MUCH EXCEPT, “WHAT’S FOR DINNER?” AND “Thanks for watching.” my parents asked me how it was, I said tiring, and not the best first day, but I gave my parents a hug and apologized for not acknowledging my dad, but I just kept thinking about swimming tomorrow. 

The End!