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Thinktific reflection

by Steven Konyar


K a m i
I love Schoology, but always hesitated to explore Kami.
But I learned how easy it is to:
Use pdf files efficiently in a digital environment.
Integrate Kami into Schoology assignments.
Provide students an accessible workspace.
Save time grading and provide quick feedback!
As a Latin teacher, exposing students to the technical and material world of the Romans is essential.
With SketchUp, students can look at the skeletons of temples and aquaducts, and see just how amazing the ancient minds were!
In all seriousness...
I am a very disorganized person. A google drive full of "untitled documents" is just as dangerous as piles of papers spread on every horizontal surface.

Kami is a tool that can help me manage paperwork in a way that works for me.

More importantly, Kami allows me to replicate the kinds of Xeroxed worksheets I like to use in class. Kami is intuitive, and so far, seems more user-friendly for students than other apps.