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Einstein Kits

by Stephannie Blish


Einstein Kits
- Many tools right at the finger tips of teachers
- Low material costs
- Hands on learning for students
- Teachers do not need to buy materials
- You send back all materials when you are finished and do not need to store them
- Comes with teaching manual, videos, website, materials, and more
- The local Einstein Project team includes former classroom teachers
- Overwhelming at first
- labeling for faster and more efficient work
How Can We Light Our Way in The Dark?
Teachers manual with step by step instructions
Unit Vocabulary Flashcards
Hands on tools for lessons
Hands on "Shining Through" Experiment from Lesson 3
This lesson was a little overwhelming at first. There was a lot of information and the manual was a little hard to understand at first. We needed to trouble shoot this a couple times before we understood. I like that the website has a video that walks you through how to do it, but wish it would tell you right in the book to go to the video.
How Do Weather and Climate Affect Our Lives?
Building an Anemometer
Thoughts on this lesson: We needed to trouble shoot several times! Finally we realized our pencil was sitting too closely to our straws and that is why it was not spinning.