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The adventure of Tom sawyer

by Aakanshidh Borpuzari


The Adventure Of Tom Sawyer-A Short Summary
Tom Sawyer was a notorious boy who often used to find short cuts for work.
Aunt Polly had ordered Tom to whitewash the fence as a punishment to which he kept on cribbing. Tom tried to get Jim to do some whitewashing in exchange for a a type of marble known as the white alley.
Each boy who went through ended up doing whitewash, and gave Tom something in exchange. Thus, he had sharp wit and lack of obligation. Tom was sleeping, resting, and contemplating how to trick more kids while Ben was whitewashing.
Later, to become pirates, Tom, Huck, and Tom's friend Joe Harper flee to an island. Tom slips back home to see the chaos and is inspired by the thought of surprise everyone by showing up at his burial.
Joe and Huck are persuaded to follow suit. Their homecoming is greeted with joy, and they quickly become the envy and admiration of their peers. Thus, throughout Tom thought of getting into adventures notoriously.