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Lesson 17
158 Gentlemen: Early next year the Royal Manufacturing
Company will open a  branch in Detroit
where we have won many important and valuable friends. We have most of the
permanent personnel which will staff this branch, but shortly there will be two
new, important positions open that we will have to fill. We will need dependable
sales director and a purchasing agent. These desirable positions pay good salaries
The persons we are after must have worked at least Iive years for a manufacturing
company and must be able to provide good personal references, If you know of
any persons who you think can handle these positions of importance, please have
them call Mr. Green, our personnel director, at I16-1117 any morning next week
between 9 and 11 o'clock Sincerely yours,
154. To the Stall: I am delighted to be able to tell
you that this morning the directors of our company decided to purchase the Yale
Paper Manufacturing Company, Which is perhaps the most important and best-know paper
manufacturer in the West The final papers should be delivered to our officers
about March 15, Dr Roy Trey, who has had many years of valuable training in the
paper business, will shortly take direct and personal charge. We believe that
this purchase is a step of great importance to our operations in the West where
we do from a third to one-half of our business, Lee Baldwin,
155. Gentlemen: The purpose
of this letter is to tell you that yesterday the directors of our company decided
to halt work on the manufacture of the No. 118 jetliner because of rising cost.
If we were to proceed with the work, our costs would be far greater than we had
anticipated, The directors regret having to lake this action because we had 200
orders for these planes which were to have been delivered this year and next. We
are canceling these orders full details about the board's decision will appear
shortly in the daily papers, Sincerely yours
156. Gentlemen your business
records are of great importance to your manufacturing business, If one morning
you should arrive at your office and find that your records had been burned,
could you reopen for business? The chances are you could not what would you
then do? Do not let anything happen to your records Deposit them in a
welI-built Harris safe, where you will know that they are protected. To learn
all about Harries safes, send for a copy of our circular. We will be glad to
send it to you if you will sing and mail the enclosed card. Why not do this
soon. Sincerely yours.
157 Mrs., Drake: thank you for writing me about the
plan you are preparing for our next meeting, When it is ready, will you be good
enough to mail it by registered mail to ray West Point address at 116 Main Street.
I will be slaying there from July 15 to July 31. Our last meeting was not too
inspiring. I am sure sure, though, that our next meeting will be a good one, A,
B, Baker
158 Mr. Best: This morning I saw the design prepared
by Mr. James for our book, The History of Rame. I like it, Mr. James has
prepared a number of fine cover designs for us, Perhaps we might be smart to
invite Mr. James to join our permanent staff, We could pay him about $15,000 a
year, When you again see Mr. James, ask him if a permanent job with us appeals
to him, Charles C, Doyle
159 Gentlemen At the last meeting of the board of managers, we decided
to add three people to our sales staff to sell our manufactured products on the
East Coast, If you know of any ambitious men or women who would like a career in
marketing with our company, please ask them to cell our personnel director any weekday
morning between nine and twelve. Very truly yours.