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Exploring The World Of Drawing

by Meghan W


Exploring the World of Drawing
Table of Contents
Name Letters - 3
Skill 1: Line Drawing - 4
Emoji Art - 5
Skill 2: Doodling - 6
Shady Robots - 7
Skill 3: Lights and shadows - 8
Logo - 9
Skill 4: Using Colour - 10
End -11
About me
✏️Meghan W✏️
Hi my name is Meghan and in this book you will see all of the drawings that represent the skills we learned on sketches pro. I love dogs and horses and enjoy drawing doodles.🐴🖤🐾

Link to My Blog: Meghans Blog
Name Drawing!
Skill 1: Lines and Pressure
In this activity we focused on using lines to make patterns and making bubble letters. First we explored the tool bar on sketches pro and used the different brush styles and sizes. Once we finished pl;aging around with the brushes we explored how applying pressure can change the thickness of the brush. We then used the skills to explore how the different lines can convey emotions. Lastly we explored bubble letters and angled letters. For our representation of the skills we learned above we had to draw a word and use patterns and the different styles of lettering for it.
Emoji Art