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Prisca Afantchao - Portfolio

by Prisca Afantchao


Prisca Afantchao's Poetry Portfolio
Neighborhood Studios 2020
Artist's Bio
I am a poet who likes to focus on the topics of death, heartbreak, belonging, and inner turmoil. Reading and writing have always been my favorite things, first to escape my life and then to live it completely. Immersing myself in literature has become a necessity and I can’t go a day without it. When writing I face discomfort and confusion that I cannot deal with in any other way. By being genuine and writing about parts of life that I can’t always talk about or find beauty in I aspire to help others find solace when they most need it. I want people to read my work and know that their feelings are understood. I am a film, music, and fine art enthusiast, and take a lot of inspiration from my favorite works. My favorite art is unapologetic and honest, qualities I always want my own art to have. I am a first generation Togolese-American and by living in a multilingual household I take interest in the way people communicate. 

I am a rising senior at Windsor High School where I am in social justice club and book selection committee. I love to spend my time listening to Indie music, checking out too many books at the library, or finding new movies to watch. I also enjoy making up strange phrases with my friends, ranting about social justice, and reading about world history. I have participated in the Poetry Out Loud competition and was the school runner up in 2019. I was also a finalist for the Pulitzer Center’s Fighting Words Contest, received a Silver Key award from the 2020 Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, and have three poems forthcoming in the Youth Speaks 2020 Anthology. In the future I plan on working as a translator and publishing both poetry books and novels, dedicating myself to helping people further understand each other. 

No Soliciting
I must confess,
Connecticut, I think I love you
On the Night of July 5, 2020