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My travelogue about Australia

by JG


Let's visit the land DOWN UNDER:


(by Mrs granas)
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Source: Unterricht Englisch. 170, März 2021, Jahrgang 55, S. 33.

How nice that you found your way to my travelogue! I hope you will enjoy my descriptions of attractions, the country, the people and the culture! I would like to also make sure to give you some tips (Dos and Don'ts) as well as insights about Australia!

At the end of this travelogue you will hopefully know so much about Australia that you will put it on your bucket list! But you will at least know what the following words mean:
I was thinking about possible activities that you can do in Australia when I found this video on the following website:
Here is a challenge for you: travel to Australia and get a selfie with a friendly quokka!
How to pronounce "quokka"
Australian facts
Name: Commonwealth of Australia
Government: Democracy
Population: About 25.5 million (2021)
Capital: Canberra with 462,000 people (2021)
Language: English
Currency: 1 Australian dollar ($) = 100 cents
Religion: mainly Christians
Timezones: 3
National Symbols: Golden wattle (flower), opal (gemstone), green and gold (colours) and the Commonwealth Star (a seven-pointed star)
National Animals: Kangaroo, emu
National Holiday: 26 January (Australia Day)
National Anthem: Advance Australia Fair
Listen to the national anthem here: