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The Strange Case of Angela and Kenedy

by Medha Illur

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The Strange Case of Angela and Kenedy
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By Medha Illur
Angela was your friendly, helpful, kind actor. She had a sister and loved to act with her. Her blonde hair was as confident as her perfect blue eyes. She was always in a good mood, nothing could stop her from being herself. She had a beautiful pink heart on the side of her cheek, representing the good person she was. She was an influencer to the whole world, she said "never give up on your dreams". Angela had nice clothes and expensive beautiful dresses. She lives in a ten story mansion all by herself! Her parents died due to a car crash last week, and since then she hasn't came to any meet and greets or movies!
After the producers noticed, they decided to call her. Angela was watching Netflix on her couch sobbing while eating popcorn. Her producer had enough, they almost wanted to fire her but they can't afford to lose such a famous person. The producer knocked on her door.
As the sky got darker, the producer said,"Still no sign of Angela." She slept on her couch, dried up mascara was on her freezing cold cheek. Angela woke up to an intense loud sound, her eyes went glowing red for a second and all of a sudden she forgot everything that happened that night.
Angela's head started to hurt. Her head was burning so she went to get an ice pack in her cold, lonely house. As she slowly applied the ice pack on her head, something in her house was telling her to go to the forest across her house. The forest was forbidden to enter, most likely you can get bitten from different snakes. The Government says, "If you enter you will go to prison for 15 years for breaking the law." Angela's head started to hurt more. She went to bed and tried to fall asleep.
Angela woke up feeling dizzy while the voices were in her head. As she was getting ready she heard "GO TO THE FOREST NOW." Said the voice. "GO TO THE FOREST NOW OR YOU'LL REGRET IT." Voices and voices repeated. She had enough. She went to the forest as her head was throbbing from all the noise in her brain. As she slowly put her foot into the long sharp grass, she heard slithering sounds, she panicked and slowly lifted her foot out. "DO NOT BE AFRAID." "IF YOU DON'T GO IN I WILL CURSE YOU." The voices said, afraid she slowly went back in and ran further in. She had no idea why she was there. She felt something slithering around her, snakes were trapping her! Her legs tightly closed, she panicked. She took a deep breath in and out. A big snake came out of the sharp grass. Angela thought it was a random snake. She was very wrong. That snake was an Evil Alpha snake, who looks very scary. Even his pack is scared of him.
Angela screamed in pain while the evil snake bit her. All the snakes slithered away. She was in unbearable pain. There was no ambulance, but she managed to run back home. She wrapped her leg in bandages, and put her pink silk pajamas on. She tried falling asleep. She fell asleep after an hour of being awake. Suddenly, she woke up in horror. Cracking sounds got louder and louder, precious skin was falling off. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." Angela yelled! The cracks got worse...her perfect hair exploded, "BOOOM," her hair had knots and became tangled.
Angela bursted into tears while the cracks were getting deeper. Her perfect blue eyes stretched until it got bloody and red. Her pink lips turned into a long bloody mouth. Her shiny teeth turned into sharp bloody teeth. Spiders were crawling on her cheek and blood started to drip down her nose. Piercings started to appear on her lips, mouth, ears, and eyebrows. Wrinkles appeared down her pale neck; eye brows turned thin and pale.
Angela screamed while her favourite bow exploded into horns flaming on her head. Her fancy clothes ripped, the ripping sounds were getting louder and louder. Faces were drawn in black and red spray paint on her top and bottoms.