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The Gulliver's Travells

by Kornelia Kalka, Amadeusz Łoboda, Damian Szwarc, Jakub Cader


Being in Gulliver's shoes
Authors: Kornelia Kalka, Jakub Cader, Damian Szwarc, Amadeusz Łoboda

George Roberts was an ordinary British man working as a fisherman until one day...
It all looked like a normal workday for George. It was sunny and dry while he was getting ready to sail out to sea. His cat, Bethanny, started meowing repeatedly for no good reason. The brown feline was a stray cat, found in a box next to the city rubbish dump.
- Stop being so loud and come with me instead - said George.
The fisherman arrived at the docks where his ship 'SS Tuco' was waiting for him. It was an average vessel which was covered in rusting red paint. Inside the cabin there was a comfortable bunk bed along with a simple wooden desk. He and his cat got aboard and sailed out to sea. When George arrived at the fishing spot, he began searching for sea creatures. At the time he threw a fishing net into the water, a huge marine animal entered the trap. It started to wiggle violently, and dragged the boat by itself.
Soon, the fish pulled the ship underwater and continued to drag it into the darkness. George tried to catch his breath without avail; he was desperate. The creature finally stopped dragging after a while, however this meant no rest for George. Suddenly, the marine animal attempted to bite into the sailor's arm. Luckily, the man was responsive enough to dodge the attack just in time. Although George managed to survive, his beloved animal, Bethanny, was ruthlessly decapitated. Roberts saw his cat being beheaded, but he couldn't grieve over it due to the lack of oxygen. The sailor headed for something what looked like an air pocket. After drawing nearer, the air bubble happened to be a massive cave. Its base surface was covered in glowing dirt as well as tiny dripstones. He faltered for a minute or so, but decided to go into it.
George was finally able to breathe normally. Then, he decided to go deeper while watching out for the uneven ground. Shortly, he noticed a small light which appeared on the bottom of the dugout. Roberts hesitated:
- Should I go further down or rather turn around? - he asked himself.
Not so long after, the fisherman answered himself.
- Why do I even bother asking? Behind me there is nothing which could possibly take me home.
And so, he went deeper into the cave in order to get closer to the mysterious light. There was a thick frame in which a purple matter was flowing in a certain pattern while making identical swirls. George knowing he had nothing to loose, proceeded into the portal.
The other side of the portal looked completely different compared to the cave. It was a small planet in space with no other objects being close enough to be able to be seen. The asteroid itself was covered in sand. Once in a while there were sand dunes formed by regularly happening storms there, at least that was what the fisherman thought. There was no sign of humans nor any other creatures on the planet. Moreover, there were no buildings or creations constructed by live beings. Overall, the place seemed like an unnecesary piece of outer space. George stepped out of the portal, furiously looking for any signs of life - futilely. Very soon he felt quite dizzy due to complete emptiness. Eventually, he fainted and collapsed with his face planting into the loose ground.
When George suddenly woke up, he saw many curious faces of the inhabitants looking at him. The man realised that he was lying on a huge bed inside of a crowded room. The creatures that he was stuck with were tall and slim; completely different when compared to humans. They had multiple eyes which allowed them to have sight in every direction. Moreover, the aliens could exchange eyeballs between each other, so that they were able to find the sharpest sight. After examining his surroundings, George decided to get up and leave the room as quick as possible. The village consisted of a few tiny huts made out of rock with roofs covered with straw. In the middle, there was a well with access to green slimy substance, called 'Lopu'. It allowed the villagers to function properly as well as to cover their basic needs. While Roberts was walking between the huts he realised the whole place was surrounded with a fence serving as a protection for the inhabitants from creatures that are believed to live somewhere on the planet.