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by Chloe Cornell


Year 7 Science Books
Katherine Johnston
By Daisy Handley
Katherine Johnson is a mathematician.
She worked on the Apollo 11 mission, the one that went to the moon.
Now you might be thinking how was she important but without her we would have never gone to the moon.
1918, 26 August
Katherine Johnson is born.
10 year old Katherine went to high school.
15 year old Katherine goes to college.
After college Katherine went on to become a teacher.
Katherine starts working at NASA. 
1969, 16 July
The Apollo 11 goes into space. 
1969, 20 July
The Apollo 11 landed on the moon.
Katherine retired from NASA.
2020, 24 February
Katherine Johnson died.
Katherine's family her parents where Joshua Coleman and Joylette Coleman. She had an older sister Margaret and two older brothers Horace and Charles.
Katherine was born in White Sulphur Springs in the United States of America.
Katherine was 10 when she went to high school. Going to college when she was 15, 4 years earlier and went passed her brother year level.

Katherine worked on many big projects in NASA like Space Shuttle program Earth Resources Satellite she also worked on the plans for the mission to mars.

Katherine was only the second black woman to work at NASA.
Katherine changed the world in so many ways she help woman and black people fight for freedom with the help of with his help she became the first black woman to work on a rocket ship without her we would have never gone to space.