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All about Desert camels



All about desert Camel
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WOW amazing Desert camels look how they look like… 3
Welcome to my home strangers…….page 4
Lunch time……page 5
Look how powerful I am…….page 6
Wow amazing Desert camels look how they look like.
Do you hear that BURRRRRRRPPPPPPPPP! ITS A DESERT CAMEL! Did you know desert camels can be white. They also have a short tail. Desert camels are pretty cubby. They also they have a big nose, narrow head and slim legs. They can have 1 or 2 humps with a long neck.
Welcome to my home strangers.
WOW! DID YOU KNOW THAT DESERT CAMELS LIVE IN THE MIDDLE EAST? Camels can also live in Central Asia, North Africa, China and Australia. The climate is 20°C (minus 29 degrees) and 120° F or 44°C.
Lunch time
Omg! Did you know Desert camels eat grass? Desert camels also eat thorny twigs. It’s amazing! In the desert they have small patches of grass. They eat oats, grains also fruit and vegetables. They eat 3663 kilograms in 2 weeks. I’m one day 300 kilograms it’s impossible to eat that much right?
Look how powerful I am
Did you know that camels have 2 rows of long lashes to protect there eyes from sand blowing? They even have a third eyelid. They can survive long periods of time with out water or food. Also did you know that Camels can carry an extra 200 pounds. Camels rarely break a sweat. They can travel miles away and they close there nostrils to prevent sand coming in there nostrils. They can store fat and water in their humps. They can release heat from there body. Their fur protects and insulates them from heat. And they have leather heat resistant pads on their feet, knees, elbows and sternum so they won’t get burned when they lay down.