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by tamson stewart


Throughout my four years of teaching experience, having the chance to get to be in a classroom with the different foundation phase grades R-3. Unfortunately, in my second year I could not experience what grade 1 classroom is like, as COVID came around and it change to online microteaching TCIA module. From my first year to fourth year of studying, I have seen a major difference in myself as I am more confident in teaching.

In my previous philosophy about teaching, I always said that one day I will be the best teacher that I can be for the children and that motto of mine as not gone away, I still teach by that in my lessons every day. Providing help in my teaching experience, guidance to learners who struggle and offering my assistance at hand.
My teaching philosophy
My first year of teaching experience was a grade R classroom, when my supervisor visited, the lesson went very badly, I actually didn’t think I could do this anymore. At the end of my last day, my mentor teacher Mrs Bower as she gave me a thoughts book and on the first page was a motivational note, she had left me. This book with her words in it, has guided me throughout my years of varsity and has pushed me to where I am now. I can say that I am proud to become a foundation phase teacher.

I still believe that foundation phase is the most fundamental and critical development in a learner’s life, and it is up to the teacher to make sure that at the end of the day the learners are achieving what is required in order for them to reach that growth before heading into Intermediate phase. Making sure the children in the teacher classroom are ready to move on and not take a step back.
Teaching philosophy
As a foundation phase teacher, learners learn best in an environmentally creative, friendly safe classroom. Learners learn best based on the teacher's method in teaching. Knowing how the young children learn, implementing play in the classroom in free time, by encouraging children, motivating them and there are so many more things that a teacher can decide how their learners are going to be educated.

Teachers have their bad days, but it is the ones who have their bad days that do not give up on their learners. Teachers are there to teach learners the basic knowledge of academic education.
It is the responsibility of a teacher to make sure that every single learner in her classroom is included and accommodated for in the learning phase.
Teaching philosophy
Students learn best in the classroom when they are engaged and interested in the lesson at hand based on what teacher approach has been used.
In a way teaching as become a part of my life, in the beginning of 2022 I started working at a home school where I am working with all different age groups from Grades R-12. I am admitting that teaching a lot of those grades as a tutor it is difficult because not only do I need to make sure each teaching approach is at grade level but making
sure, I myself is adjusting to the different grades in teaching wise.

But what I have learnt from these learners at my work, most of them have come from schools where they weren’t treated as an individual but just a number to the school. What makes me want to help these learners is that no one is looking out for them in schools only the teachers so when one of those learners need the help, I offer it as a way of showing them I care and way to motivate them to push themselves every day.