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Cat and fox

by Sergei Shalabashkin


Cat and fox, written and illustrated by Sergei and kirill
by Sergei
Once upon a time, there lived a grumpy old man with a silly cat in a little wooden house. The little house was in a dark forest. Everything inside the house was made of wood. The roof was painted in purple and the chimney was in orange. A candle was hanging from the ceiling.
By Sergei
The cat was doing lots of bad things like scratching expensive furniture and jumping on the old man inside the house. Soon the old man wanted the cat to go out of his house. So he yelled “go out of my house now !” Next the cat sadly walked out of the man’s house. While the cat was wandering in the dark forest he met a fox. The fox thought that the cat was lonely. The fox knew that an angry bear and a fierce wolf lived close by. The fox wanted to trick the bear and the wolf to get the cat some yummy food. Afterwards the fox ran to get the bear and wolf. When the fox came to the bear and wolf she said. “A king is coming to the forest so get some food and put it on a big stump!”
By Kirill
The bear was climbing up on the tree to hide. The wolf was hiding under the leaves.
By kirill
The bear fell down and bumped his head. The wolf came out. The tree was bent. The cat was meowing. The rabbit jumped. The cat gobbled up all the food on the stump !
By Sergei
Later on the fox and the cat happily walked away. Soon they found a little house and lived in there happily ever after !