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Coronavirus Awareness Campaign_IC A. Gabelli

by IC A. Gabelli Misterbianco


Awareness Campaign
Making Sustainability Goals Possible
YEAR 2_Middle School
School Year 2019/2020
Why did we create this campaign?
Throughout history there have been many events that have caused an evident transformation of our habits, international relations, socio-economic conditions and demographic trends. These include world wars, epidemics and pandemics.
Currently, the entire world population is trying to eradicate a new epidemic, Coronavirus or Covid-19.

As the virus spread around the world, our attitudes have changed and we have found ourselves building international alliances to ''fight'' together and manage the economic and social crisis. Following the appeal of politicians, scientists and nurses, mandatory quarantine has been established for the entire world population.

Currently, as students, we are also attending our teachers' lessons from home via videoconferencing. We have not stopped our CLIL projects, either. Indeed, we have adapted to the circumstances and have also created Coronavirus awareness campaigns through various tools and apps, playing down the topic and making everything more fun.
Alice C.
This PowerPoint presentation describes the behaviours to be adopted to avoid contagion and also things to do at home.
Marco R.
Giulia R.
What's this?
How does it look like?
What are the symptoms?
How to prevent it?
My Powerpoint presentation answers these questions and more.
Elisabetta Maria P.
This Minecraft video shows you the steps to avoid the infection.
This short 2D animation shows you how Covid-19 can spread in an easy way.
Antonino P.