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Jeffco Schools Student Data Privacy

by Lisa Summitt

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How Can I Find Out Which Websites, Services and Applications Will be Used In My Child's Classroom This Year?
Colorado Student Data and Transparency Act
 The purpose of this law is to increase the transparency and security of all Student Personally Identifiable Information (Student PII). It also imposes duties on all commercial entities that provide school services (called Contract Providers in the law).
Read about the law here
What You Should See At Your Child's School
On the school website there will be a menu item called Student Data Privacy. Under the tab there will be information about the law and an entire list of software and/or digital tools that teachers use with students
On the school or teacher website, you will see a list of vetted tools and a short description and the name of the Digital Teacher Librarian who you can contact for more information
Jeffco Schools also has a public facing website of all software/digital tools that have been vetted for Student Data Privacy
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