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The No Book

by Mia Chin

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The No Book
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Maxx Chin
"Henry, do you want to go to the playground?" "NO!" "Do you want to take a bath?" "NO." "What do you want to do?" Henry's mom though for a bit. When she thought of something she knew Henry loved. Dinosaur Land!
"Henry! I though of something. Do you want to go to Dinosaur Land?" "NO NO NO!" Henry cried. "Im really worried about you!" Henrys mom said to him. But Henry didn't say a word. "Henry, do you want to get milkshakes?" "DOUBLE NO!" Henry just didn't know what he wanted to do!
"Henry, I don't want you to live like this! I want you to get outside and play!" Henry's mom explained. "NO!" Henry stormed off to his room. "HENRY!" She shouted.
"Henry, what's going on?" "I'm trying to get you to do something." "Do you just want to go outside and play with me and your stuffed animals?" Henry's mom said politely. "No!" And Henry covered his face with his pillow, while his mom sighed, almost having tears in her eyes. And they never did anything again.
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