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by Lei LYU (William)-(2603111)


"Protect the earth"
Lei LYU (William)
1.The definition of climate change
3.List three social ways and How we
prevent climate change
4.Three environmental ways and what can
we do to prevent
5.Reference list
The definition :
Long-term changes in temperature and weather patterns are referred to as climate change (U.N,2015). These movements could be due to natural causes, such as oscillations in the solar cycle. However, human activities have been the primary cause of climate change since the 1800s, owing to the combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas.

Fossil fuel combustion produces greenhouse gas emissions, which act as a blanket around the Earth, trapping the sun's heat and boosting temperatures.Correspondingly, the temperature of our living environment is gradually rising.
Brian storm
Social ways :
What actions can we take to better protect the environment:
1.Schools can hold activities
Part of learning about how to recycle involved the children doing a demonstrative activity. There were various recyclable objects and three boxes that were labeled as, "Paper," "Plastic," and, "Cans." The students took turns picking-up objects and putting them in the correct bins. It was a fantastic way to practice recycling! (Taylor.Z,2022)
Learning to recycle can reduce damage to the environment!
It helps reduce trash and reuse items that otherwise would sit in landfills for possibly hundreds of years. The children loved learning all about recycling, how to reduce waste, and why it is important to reuse items.The skills kids learn by recycling will create a sustainable world for them to live in.