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(copy) Un nouveau livre

by Bernie Spite-Daoud

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Slam poems for the earth
A long time ago...
A Long time ago the earth was ours

But now we are running out of hours. 

Our planet is crying 

Because its living creatures are dying.

Mother Earth gives them life

And the only thing we do is kill them with a knife.

The climate is degrading

We must do something.

Fog ,smog and pollution

Wouldn't you rather find a solution ?

So, if you want to go to the bar

Do not always take your car 

Instead, try to take your bike 

Or go for a hike. 
Global Warming

Stop throwing trash in the ocean 
Stop creating massive pollution 
Protect our planet instead 
If you don’t want her to be dead 

We aren’t overreacting 
Everyone should be fighting 
To save our home, our lives 
This is the only solution we have 

We should all be activists 
Be the planet therapists 
Give her all the love we have 
Because she’s all we have

Be aware of global warming 
This is not just a warning 
We have to take action now 
Or, in our own heat, we will drown.
Sad vision
Trash and garbage across the streets it's a shame 

But the human race is the only thing we can blame

Nature stepping back in front of the human egoism 

This is the result of our crazy race to capitalism 

Nations of plastic are created on our seas 

Water becoming rare won’t be able to grow our seeds 

The change seems impossible but we have to realize 

That the danger is here and meanwhile the oceans rise
Is it too late ?
Pollution is destruction
so, let's find a solution
Make a choice
Make some noise

Our planet will be clean
When the grass is green
You must protect wildlife
to protect everybody's life

we can ask her to forgive
but that’s not enough give
when chance after chance
we have disappointed her in advance