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Our university currently has six faculty
Chemistry of Substances and Materials
Chemical and Biotechnology
Information Technology and Control
Mechanical Engineering
Economics and Management
Chemical Engineering
Also in our university there are extracurricular activities choir, kvn, student teams and others, you can find the full list at the link below.
Insitute of Technology was founded on November 28, 1828 as Saint Petersburg Practical Technological Institute during the reign of Emperor Nicholas the I. To commemorate the emperor’s 100th birthday in 1896, the institute was renamed in his honor as the Imperial Petersburg Institute of Technology. Before it came to be known by its current name of the Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology , the university’s name would change on many times.
Today ,Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology counts 80 Doctors of Sciences and 303 Candidates of Sciences. Over the years, the institute has trained over 68 thousand specialists and more than 110 of our alumni became academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences as well as other industrial academies. There are currently over 8000 students studying at the university 
Since its inception, the institute invited outstanding foreign scientists many of whom became founders of pioneering scientific schools and made many groundbreaking discoveries. Now, the institute maintains partnerships with colleagues from Germany, France, Finland, Algeria, China and Japan. Over 50 more projects of international collaboration, involving both universities and companies, are currently underway.