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Fun Brain Teasers: Math and Language Riddles

by Alyssa By

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6) If you add my digits together, they equal to 11. You cannot divide me into 2 without having a reminder. I am five more than the number of minutes on a clock. What am I?

7)  I am between 60 and 80. I am a multiple of 5 and 10. What am I?

8) I am higher than 12 and lower than 24. If my second digit is multiplied by 2, the product is 10. What am I?
9)  When I am divided in 3, I get a reminder of 0. I can be divided by 7 and 9, and the remainder is 0. What am I?

10)  When I am divided in 3, the remainder is 1. When I am divided in 4, 8, and 16, the remainder of me is 0. I am in between 60 and 70. What am I?

11)  I am in between 20 and 30. I am a multiple of 3 and 7. What am I?