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To my hero

by Miracle Thompson


to the best mom ever
Mom, you're the best thing a kid could have. It might not seem like we care but we do.I love you so much your the best and i don't know what I would do without you. Sometimes I feel like i'm in a small box and can't get out. But when I see you I know i'm safe and needed. you make that missing piece in my heart appear. No matter what I hope you know I love you. I hope you know that no matter how far you push me away, i'm going to come back and stay by your side. I love you so much you mean the world to me. I'm so grateful for you. I'm grateful for the way you love me for me, no matter what my sexuality is or by the way I dress or by the way I look. You love me no matter what. You're my hero, and i don't want any other mom other than you. You're the reason I actually want to get up knowing when I do i'm going to do something stupid that makes you mad. I am so happy you haven't given up on me. But it's hard being the oldest. I feel like I have to look tough so they know not to let others run over them. But I feel like i'm a bad sister and daughter. I did and said so many things that I regret, and i'm sorry. Sometimes I think I need to act out to get you to notice me. I sometimes feel like i'm a mistake. But you make me feel wanted,needed,and important. I even thought about running away hoping I could make your life easier. I hate to make you stressed, and frustrated. But the reason why I always call you when you are at work is to make sure you're okay, because if I lose you god would have to take me with you. I'm afraid that one day i'll be at school then I get a call that you're gone. I would give you my life just for you to live and be with me. You're my lifeline, you're the reason i'm living. You're my rock,my hero. You're the VIP in my heart mommy. No matter what, or how old I get i'll always be your princess. If there was an award for a hardworking mom you should get it.
Even through the struggles you make sure we're taken care of and i love you for that.

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