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EDPR 1000 Community Placement

by Victoria Leoni


EDRP 1000 - Studies In Our Community Final
My Experience at Brookview Middle School
By: Victoria Leoni
my experience at Brookview was very positive and enjoyable, it all started when myself and two other teacher candidates walked in on our first day. We were nervous to be in a school for the first time (as the teacher not the student) and also did not know what to expect
this was my classroom
this was where we went first on our tour of the school
we were very confused on our first day because the community listing said we would be participating in after-school tutoring help however the vice principal suggested that she rather us come for the full day during school hours
at first, we were annoyed at this because we didn't think it was fair that other placements were only 1 hour while we were here for 5 hours every week
on my very first day at Brookview my host teacher got into a physical altercation with a student, she left the room crying and then took a leave for the next 2 weeks. I was very confused because it was my very first day I didn't know how to help, or how to act in this situation.
A few weeks went by and the teacher never returned no one (including me) knew if she was going to return or not. On these days when she was away I taught the kids some math lessons.
During the weeks that she was absent, the supply teacher Mr.Hall was not your typical supply. He knew the school and the students very well, he was kind, helpful, respectful, engaging, ect. He made me feel so welcomed and was so nice to talk with. Every time I returned throughout the semester whenever he would see me in the school he would always smile, have a chat and invite me to come to visit him in the class he was supplying.
When my main teacher returned she again was so welcoming, I never walked through the halls at Brookview without hearing a "good morning miss" or "nice to see you miss". Every single staff and student was so kind and welcoming and helpful. I learned so much especially about classroom management