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Burt is Bound for Bowie



Burt is Bound for Bowie
Illustrated Fiction
Grade 3
Heather Hills ES
Eva Radosavljevic
Hello, my name is Burt. I am a beagle basset mix. I have a huge story to tell you. I am one and a half years old and I left my original owner about one year ago. I have never regretted it. My family used to lock me outside in whatever type of weather. I escaped into the forest and an old man found me in his backyard. He took me to the Maryland Adoption Center where I was adopted by a loving family with two kids and neighbor dog named Kirei who has become my best friend. Today, the wind is blowing and the rose bushes send a sweet, delicate aroma through the yard as I retell my story to you.
You probably want to know a more detailed story. I'll tell you everything!
My mum was a beagle and my dad was a basset. I was born on a farm, but sold to a neighbor who needed a hunting dog.
My owner was not very nice. I slept outside and he barely fed me or played with me.
On Tuesday at 3:00 AM, I was outside sniffing at my old house and I accidentally barked. I couldn't help myself, it smelled so good. Well, I guess they disliked barking. My owner came out and started yelling and throwing firecrackers at me. It was terrifying! I was so scared that I had run away into the woods where it was all dark and the wet brown leaves felt slimy on my feet. It was freezing. I shivered. I managed to keep my temper fairly well on the nights I could scavenge nothing but a few berries. When I'm hungry, sometimes I get a bit angry.
One day I was sleeping and I heard a rustling noise. I got up to look in the bushes, but before I could get there a fox jumped out, taking me by surprise. I wrestled it, biting the fox and throwing it to the ground. Squelch! I pushed the fox into a pond and it thrashed and kicked, trying to get to the surface. The fox managed to reach the surface and got out to run away. "Finally!" I thought. I looked for one more berry, found one, and went to bed feeling proud of my success.
I woke up in the morning to find a beautiful field ahead of me. The field had white daisies and yellow marigolds. The flowers had dazzling and delicate petals that looked as though they were made from clouds. The grass was covered in morning dew which made it sparkle in the sunlight. The air was crisp and fresh, and the sky perfectly blue.
I headed into the forest feeling nervous as usual. I wandered until I found a brook. I lapped up the clear, cold water. After drinking, I crossed the brook and kept walking. The forest was dark and mosquitoes buzzed around, biting me.
The clouds glided across the sky, becoming darker and blacker. A horrible rumble got louder and louder. Boom! Lightning sliced the sky in a zigging pattern. The lightning hit a tree and fell to the ground just missing me. "What is going on? I have to get out of here!" I thought to myself. I ran into a nearby cave as another tree fell. Once inside, I found a dry corner and fell asleep.
When I woke up, I couldn't remember where I was but I realized that I was in the same cave that I was in last night. I walked out of the cave and everything was wet, but the sun was beating down on me. I found a stream that I hadn't seen during the storm. I drank the water and kept walking.
I picked up a delicious scent and followed it. I jumped over a log and accidentally swallowed a fly. I ran until I figured out what the scent was. The scent was coming from an old, half-eaten apple pie! I was so hungry!
After I ate, I walked into the same field I slept in a few nights ago and rolled around in the soft flowers. I was still hungry, so I ate a flower. It was disgusting. I picked up another scent and followed it, wondering what it would lead me to.
I followed the scent around the woods until I got to a beech tree. I looked around the cold, dark woods and found another dog. It was a golden retriever. I looked up and saw a person holding a leash connecting to the golden retriever's collar.
"Oh hello, cutie! Are you lost? My name is Anna and my dog's name is Goldie." She said.
Scared of her and what she might do, I ran. I found the field and fell asleep.
I woke up partially wishing I had gone with the girl, but I shrugged off the thought and started walking. The sky looked as though one gigantic sapphire was spread across it. The air had a fragrant, delicate aroma from the marigolds and daisies. The rocks were covered in morning dew, which reflected the sun on the flowers, making them seem to glow. As I walked, I absentmindedly put my nose to the ground. I smelled a heavy scent. I followed it, faintly hoping it was not the same girl as last time.