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Welcome to Preschool

by Katreana Gill


Welcome to Preschool!
I am excited to start preschool! I wonder what fun things I will do? Some of my friends and I brought stuffed animals to school. They got to have a day of preschool just like me.
My parents will drop me off at school on the playground. We will go outside everyday if the weather is safe. We have a lot of fun things on the playground. I can play ball, swing, slide and climb!
When we come inside I will hang up my bag and wash my hands. This helps make sure everyone stays healthy!
I get to find my spot for math group with my friends. I learn how to count, make patterns, sort and lots of other important things in math group. It is fun to learn new things!
My friends and I will go to the carpet for large group. We get to do this a 2 times each day. At out first large group we will pick a super helper.