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copy of Cockroach - The Wonder Creature

by Aarika Ghia


The Wonder Creature
Rounded Rectangle
By Aarika Ghia
Grade - 2
2020 - 2021
Credits: I would like to thank my mother for helping me choose appropriate pictures for each header. I would also like to thank Miss Cynnie and Miss Jigna for planning the information report activity. I really enjoyed it and learned how to use and other websites to search my information.
Type of creature?
Cockroaches are generalized insects,with few special adaptations and may be among the most primitive living insects.They have been around since the time of dinosaurs.There are approximately 4,000 living species of cockroaches in the world.
Cockroaches, are anthropods and they don’t have a spine, making them invertebrates.Cockroaches are able to go for long without sustenance because they are cold-blooded insects.
What do cockroaches look like?
Cockroaches have flat, oval-shaped bodies. The bodies of cockroaches are oily to the touch and may be cool or warm,depending on the temperature of their environment. The head of a cockroach is small and is covered by a sheild like pronotum. A cockroaches mouth is directed down and backwards.Most of them are reddish brown in colour but they look whitish for a short period of time just after molting.
Where do they live?
Cockroaches prefer to live in warm, dark, wet areas like sewers and basements. They often enter structures through drains and pipes. They can be found in homes, they are also common in larger commercial buildings such as restaurants, grocery stores and hospitals.