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Personal Recount Text

by Siti Nurul Qomariah


Module is designed to improve English skills for entertainment. The skills can make you learn how to tell and deliver past experience in correct sequence. This skill is very important and necessary for students to have ability of entertaining others by telling personal recount text in an interesting way to create an interactive teaching.

You will learn Personal Recount Text which are both spoken and written. You are supposed to enrich your skills in getting important information, normally hidden moral message from the stories learnt. These kinds of narrative genre will emphasize on the definition, generic structure, social function, and language features.
The topics are divided into four learning activities, and each activity provides you with expected learning outcomes, learning materials and learning activities which provide you with learning sources and assignments, discussion forum, summary, reflection, formative test, and references. In the end of this module, the final test is given.

To make you have better understanding on these kinds of text and to gain the learning objective to this module, you are expected to read all materials presented in this module. You also need to follow the instructions step by step carefully. Hopefully, you will gain more knowledge and skills after your learning this hybrid module.

Bekasi, June 30th, 2021

        Table of Content
Table of contenet
Instructions for use
Mind Map
Basic competencies
Learning Objectives
Students Activities
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Sumative Test
Learning Resources
Writer’s Personal Data
Instruction for E-Modul in Used

To obtain maximum learning results by using the E-Module, you must pay attention to the following steps:

a.      Read and understand carefully the description of the material in each learning activity. If there is material that is not clear, you can ask the teacher who is in charge of learning activities.
b.     Do each quiz to find out how much understanding you have of the material discussed.
c.      For learning activities consisting of E-Modules, pay attention to the following:
·        Pay attention to the text and image instructions on the E-Modul.
·        Understand each explanation in the form of text, image, audio, video, PPT or PDF links well.
Mind Mapping
Basic competencies
3.11 Comparing social functions, text structures, and linguistic elements of several oral and written personal recount texts by giving and asking for information related to personal experiences in the past, short and simple, according to the context of their use