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The Gray Wolf

by Mrs. Petrosino


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The Gray Wolf
By Mrs. Petrosino
All About the Gray Wolf
Physical Characteristics

Gray wolves are mammals. While most gray wolves are in fact gray, you might also spot some with brown, white, black, silver, or tan fur. They stand on all fours approximately 2-3 ft. high, and they can weigh as much as an adult human, ranging from 60-175 lbs.


The gray wolf lives in forests with lots of grass and evergreen trees or in really cold tundras. They can be found in Canada, Alaska, and some parts of northern United States, like in the Rocky Mountains.

A Day in the Life

Gray wolves can live anywhere between 6-13 years in the wild. They hunt their meat during the day. They prey on birds, rabbits, deer, moose, elk, bison, and mountain goats. Gray wolves don't have to be afraid of too many predators, but they do sometimes have to protect themselves against animals with sharp horns or antlers or animals that kick.

Three Interesting Facts

*Wolves' canine teeth, or front fangs, can be longer than 2 inches!
*Wolves live in packs of 7-8 members. They lick and touch noses to say hello!
*Wolves keep the same mate for life!

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Gray wolves have long legs to help them run through deep snow! They also have big, wide paws to prevent them from sinking into the snow.

Their smell is 80 times stronger than humans to help them track, hunt, communicate, and avoid danger. They also have great hearing and can turn their ears to catch sound from any direction.

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