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Old Blue Chair

by Rebecca Abramovich


Copyright 2021
To my family who always supports me.
- RA
Hi my name is Rose,

It is nice to meet you! Before you start reading, I am going to tell you a little about myself. I live in a small cottage in the forest, made of bricks and stone. I like nature and all the magical animals that live there. Reading books and painting pictures is lots of fun. Sitting outside is relaxing. I can smell the trees, flowers, and hear the birds sing. I drink lots of water and warm tea, but when it gets cold I drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. I have a tiny garden where I grow lots of food. My favorite snack is apple slices dipped in fresh honey. I bet you like fruits and vegetables just like me. What is your favorite snack? So let's start the story by getting comfy in a nice chair like mine, I hope you enjoy reading it!
Sitting in the morning sun,
Eyes closed and radio on,
Rocking back and forth back and forth,
Listening to the birds in the trees humming to the quiet breeze,
Sitting in my new blue chair.