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English critical reading

by ธนวุฒิ ทาไชย


English Critical Reading
Unit1 Preview and Prediction
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Reading strategies
Reading strategies is the broad term used to describe the planned and explicit actions that help readers translate print to meaning. Strategies that improve decoding and reading comprehension skills benefit every student, but are essential for beginning readers, struggling readers, and English Language Learners.
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How to previewing
-Look at picture

-Read the tile

-Skim over the passage
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-Guess to use information from text.

-Anticipate what will happened in story.

How to prediction
Unit2 Main idea and Supporting details
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Main idea
The main idea of a paragraph is the primary point or concept that the author wants to communicate to the readers about the topic.
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what is about getting main idea
The main idea is usually be a sentence and usually be the first one.
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Supporting details
Details that back up the main idea and clarify the main idea.
Unit3 Skim and Scan
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Read fast and get a general overview. Look for important ideas, not focus on every words.
Reading fast to find specific facts. Locate particular fact.