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by Neel Mohite


welcome to my recipe book.
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recipe 1
ingredients to make a delicious pizza

1 pizza sauce
2 for some toppings we need capsicum, onion , cottage cheese [ paneer] oregano .
3 mozzarella cheese
4 important ingrediant is the crust of the pizza

firstly, spread pizza sauce on pizza base add mozzarella and process cheese .now place some cottage cheese put some onion capsicum and bake it on 180 degree celcius. your pizza is ready to serve
recipe 2
beverage is needed with pizza ''*
To make mojito we need

1] fresh lime juice
2] 2 teaspoons of sugar
3 ] 4 leaves of mint
4 ] add soda or water
steps add fresh lime juice pour 2 tablespoons of sugar add soda or sparkling water you mojito is ready
recipe 3

2 cups of pasta
1 finely chopped onion
1 finely chopped capsicum
puree of two tomatoes
1 finely chopped ginger
8-10 finely chopped garlic cloves
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
1.5 teaspoon oreagano
3/4 teaspoon black pepper

steps to make pasta

1 add some oil in a pan add cumin seeds , garlic cloves and chopped ginger stir well
2 add finely chopped onion and stir well till the onions turn brown
3 add finely chopped capsicum and saute it
4 add tomato and cook it well
5 add black pepper chilli flakes oreagano salt butter and mix it well
6 add 3 3.5 cups of water add 2 cups of pasta cook for 10 12 minutes pasta is ready.
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recipe 4
indian style
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1] rotis
2] potatoes
3] coriander leaves
4] juice of one lemon
5] 1 cube of cheese
6] tomato sauce
7] butter
8] salt
procedure :
1] heat oil and add garlic chutney and fry it well .
2] add boiled mashed potatoes and mix it well .
3] add lemon juice , salt and coriander leaves . stuffing is ready .
4] only a roti apply tomato sauce, grated cheese and place the stuffing , fold the roti into half.
5] now apply some butter on a pan and roast the tacos till it becomes crispy from both sides .

recipe 5

1] cup of grated coconut
2] sugar
3] cream or malai
4] cardamom pouder
5] almond


1] in a pan, take a cup of grated coconut.
2] Add 1/4 cup of sugar and 2 spoons of malai / cream
3] Stir this mixture well , on a low flame till the sugar melts and cream is absorbed.
4] Now, add some cardamom powder and grated almonds .
5 ] Take this mixture in plate and start making ladoos.

instant coconut ladoos are ready to relish.