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Story: The Workers

by Suthan Siva


Story: The workers
lt's Monday afternoon. Patrick Doyle and his friend Perry Jones are looking for an idea. They are looking for a very good idea because they need a lot of money.

They need money for the class outing. This year the class wants to go to the fair but there is only thirty pence in the pink piggy bank on the teacher's desk. 

''l'm sorry children," the teacher, Mr Page, says. "This year we can't have a class outing, we haven't got enough money. You broke two windows last month playing football. We took the money out of the pig to pay for the windows."
lt was Patrick and Perry who broke the windows and the rest of the class is very angry with Patrick and Perry. Now Patrick and Perry want to find some money. "We can get a job," Perry says to Patrick. "Don't be silly. We have to go to school. How can we get a job?" says Patrick. Perry says, "We can work after school."

"Good idea. Where can we find a job, Perry?" "We can ask at the shops in town," says Perry. After school they go into town. They go to the flower shop. There is a shop assistant in the shop and lots of customers. "Excuse me," says Patrick. "Have you got a job for us?"

"Go away little boys," the shop assistant says. "Look at all these customers, I haven't got time to talk to little boys." 
When they are outside the shop Patrick says, "She isn't nice. Where can we go now? We can't go to the police station, they don't have any jobs for boys, and I don't think the bank has got any jobs for boys."

"No, but they've got a lot of money." Patrick and Perry laugh, then they remember the piggy bank and they stop laughing.

They walk past a restaurant. lt sells yummy cream cakes and very good cups of tea. They look in the window. There are lots of customers, but they can only see one waitress. She has got a red face and she looks tired.

"Perry look," says Patrick. "Yes, I can see," says Perry. "But we can't ask her, she hasn't got time to talk to us.
Look, there's a notice in the window. lt says: We need help. Come in and talk to the manager."
"Come on Patrick," says Perry. "We can ask the manager." 
They go inside. They knock on the door of the manager's office. "Come in. Yes? What do you two boys want?"
"Please, Madam, we want a job. We can work hard. We can serve cream cakes and tea. We are careful. I think we can help you and we need some money for our school outing because our class hasn't got any money."

Perry speaks so fast the manager can't understand him. "Stop, stop," she says. "Now start again." Perry says everything again.
"Mmmmmm," says the manager. "Mmmmmm." Perry and Patrick look at each other. ls "Mmmmmm" good or bad? "Well, I need help. We've got a lot of customers." "Please, can we try? We can start now," the boys say. The manager decides. "Yes. You can work here until half past five every day this week."

Perry and Patrick work very hard every day after school. On Friday the manager says, "Thank you, well done. Goodbye! Have a nice weekend." But she doesn't give them any money. What can they do? 
They go to school on Monday morning. They are unhappy.
Mr Page is smiling. The restaurant manager is standing beside him. The manager is holding a big box of yummy cream cakes and she says to the class,
"Because Patrick and Perry are very good waiters you can all go to the fair. Here is the money for your class outing and here are some yummy cream cakes. I hope you have a wonderful time."

She gives the money to Mr Page. Patrick looks at Perry and Perry looks at Patrick. Phew!