Maple The Duck

by Sasha (grade 5)


Maple the Duck
By Sasha
There once was a owner called April
And she owned a toy duck called Maple
She carried Maple here and there
She carried Maple everywhere
Then one day she walked beside a lake
And made a horrible, terrible mistake
She dropped Maple in the lake!
April suddenly started to shake
She cried for her parents to come
And then she saw them starting to run
Her dad dived in and grabbed the poor toy
And April started cheering in joy
"Thank you!" April cried loudly, grabbing Maple
And that was the story of Maple and April
April learned to take more care
She didn't want another big scare!
While April got older she still loved Maple
Together they did everything, Maple and April
They always spent most of their time together
Maple and April were best friends forever