A Collection of 6th Grade's 100 Word Stories

by Rosita Darden


A Collection of 6th Grade's 100 Word Stories
By: Mrs. Darden's 6th Grade Class
Ride Or Die
By Noah Cohen

I have been riding motorcycles since I was sixteen and I have been waiting for three years to get to ride in the 2018 Motocross Games. However my mom always hated motorcycles ever since my dad was killed from going too fast and a car hit him . He was always a thrill seeker. I miss him, but I will not let that discourage me.
The next day . My mom said, "You can't go because I said so". Then I reminded her why I needed to do this. I can't let something like this ruin my passion.
Mom’s Birthday
By Jerry
But why sis?She responded,”Because I said so, today is mom’s birthday and I need to save my money.” Ok then can I have ice cream next week?” Sure thing,but you got to be good. So what do you want the cake to be?” Sammantha asked. I want to have flowers as toppings because mom loves flowers. ”Good idea!” Sammantha said. Wait, I got more ideas that we can do for the party. Three days later, “Lisa hide under the table,dad hide behind the chair. Mom is coming in three, two, one. Surprise!"
Adam's page
The worst Christmas ever
I checked my calendar and saw that there were only 6 more days until Christmas. I asked my mom if I could go to "This and That" gift shop down the street, but she said no. I asked, "But why cant I go?" She responded, "You can't go because I said so." The next day, I came up with the idea to lie to my parents by telling them I would go with my friend, Lannan, to the park.
When I got to the store, my parents were there! When we came home I slept for almost 4 days straight and it was, CHRISTMAS! My family was waiting for me by the tree. It was my sister's turn to open her gifts and she was sad because I did not get her a Christmas present. I tried to explain, but my parents looked at me and shook their head no, Christmas had been ruined.
By Gabriel Insua-Estrada
My name is Harold Jr., and I love my mom and dad. So my parents give me chores, but sometimes I say I want to be paid for doing my chores. But, they say no. I ask why can't I get money for doing chores. They respond because I said so. I love my parents even though they don't pay me for doing chores. The reason is they still take me to the movies, park, or beach. I love my parents!
The Carnival
by: Joshua
One day Jake wanted to go to the Carnival. He wanted to tell his friends, but someone he did not tell was his parents. So, Jake had to plan this out. After Writing his plan, his plan was to sneak out the window at night, and go to his friends house. Then he will sleep over. 9:00 PM ... as Jake Jumps out his window, he leaves a little open to go, back in his room.. All of a sudden, he hears his door crack open.. DID JAKE GET CAUGHT??