What Would Yo Do If You Had...?

by Karen Arrington


We read, If I Had Eleven Toes, by Jill Clark. Students we’re asked to think of something they would add to their body and decide how that additional “part” would be beneficial. Enjoy their stories!
October 2018
Compiled by Karen Arrington
Cover created in Adobe Spark Post
If I had a tail I would walk on my tail every day and every night. So I could be faster than every body else. And it would be so much fun!
Cash C
If I had three arms I would be able to play legos. I would build with two hands and I would turn the pages with my other hand.
If I had fish gills I would be able to breathe under water and swim with sea animals without having to refill an airtank.
Claire G.
If I had a tail I would use it so if a predator was behind me I could slap it. When I climb a tree I could hang from it. If a predator was chasing me I could jump and hang on to something and get away.