We Are All Equal

by Hailey (@daphneddo and @msdaphnesclass)


We are all equal!
Hello, my name is Sam... short for Samantha. I have shaved black hair, I like to wear whatever I want, I like soccer, math, reading and drawing. My passion is fighting for gender identity equality. This is my story.
Apps used: Gacha life, IbisPaint X
Sam’s friend Luka is gay and people make fun of him for that. Sam was willing to do everything in her power to stop people from making fun of her friend and the LGTBQ community. LGTBQ stands for lesbian, gay, transgender, bi-sexual and queer.
‘’Hey freak!” A boy yelled from across the classroom, “why do you dress like a boy? You’re worthless. Dress your gender!”

I looked around. He was referring to me.
My face was full of shock and frustration. My reply? “You know what!?? I can be whatever I want to be AND dress however I want to dress! You don’t have the right to tell me otherwise! We were all made equally.”
Surprisingly, Ryan, a boy in my class stood up for me.

He said, “you know, everyone’s different and everyone has their rights.”

“Ohh” said the boy sincerely.

“I am sorry. I was taught that boys have short hair. Only girls wear pink. Men only love women and women only love men. But it makes sense. Who am I to judge another person’s choices?”
Sam was empowered. If she could change one person’s mind, could she change more? She decided to speak up. She went to the media to spread gender identity awareness. She wanted the entire city to realize that they should be able to whatever they wanted.