The Really Big Dinosaur!



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Stay close and stick together because we’re headed back in time – to the age of the dinosaurs!
T. Rex has a huge tail that helps keep her balanced.
The T. Rex roamed the planet 65 million years ago, in what’s now the USA and Canada.
That’s a lot of teeth
That’s a lot of claws
Can you count the teeth?
Tyrannosaurus rex

Everybody knows Tyrannosaurus rex, and it's the most popular of all dinosaurs. It was not the largest meat eater, but it was one of the scariest. Its brain was twice the size of other giant meat eaters like Giganotosaurus, and it was faster and had better vision. Though its arms were tiny and nearly useless, its jaws were strong enough to crush any animal.
Comic Panel 1
Imagining being on this island and running away from the stampede of dinosaurs
I love the roar of the mighty T-Rex!
The Last Dinosaurs
In a lost land of tropical forests, on top of the only mountain in the region, trapped inside an old volcanic crater system, lived the last ever group of large, ferocious dinosaurs.
For thousands and thousands of years they had survived all the changes on Earth, and now, led by the great Ferocitaurus, they were planning to come out of hiding and to dominate the world once more.

Ferocitaurus was an awesome Tyrannosaurus Rex who had decided they had spent too much time isolated from the rest of the world. So, over a few years, the dinosaurs worked together, demolishing the walls of the great crater. When the work was done, all the dinosaurs carefully sharpened their claws and teeth, in readiness to terrorise the world once again.