The Vikings

by 4th Class A


The Vikings
A book by 4th Class A
Carrigaline Educate Together National School
Our Viking Book
This book is the work of the children of 4th Class A at carrigaline Educate Together National School.

The book is the result of the research they did over the course of a week learning about the Vikings.

The class was split into groups with each group responsible for researching a specific area. They used a Creative Commons licence to search for appropriate images and also drew their own illustrations. Some have used the Explain Everything app to create short animations to add to their chapters.

At the end of the week all of the chapters were combined to create this book. As a class we went through the book with each group presenting their chapter to the rest of the class.

We hope you enjoy our book.
Viking men, women and children
By Marta, Katie and Devin
Viking men
Viking men had lots of life choices, for example, they could be craftsmen and learn how to build stuff. They could become blacksmiths and learn how to make swords or axes or they could become warriors and fight in battle. Viking men wore a knee length shirt made of wool called a kirtle. They also wore a smaller undershirt and the last piece of clothing men wore was some trousers, also made of wool.

Women baked bread. They did spinning and weaving to turn sheep wool into cloth. They looked after the children, made the families clothes and cooked the two meals a day most families ate on the farm. The women milked the cows every single day. For the marriage the mom and dad would make the children get married at the age of 12 but the husbands side of the family would not expect the wife as part of the family.