Brunel’s Great Britain

by Ruby K


Brunel’s Great Britain
By Ruby
My family is a traveling family, that means we travel all around the world visiting new countries and places. My mum is a blogger, which means she writes a website about our travels. Our blog is called and I recommend visiting it. Because my mum’s a blogger we got to go to see the Ss Great Britain for free, as long as we wrote a review of it after. So in this book I am going to be writing my review of the Ss Great Britain. Hope you enjoy!
P.S. I’ve hidden letters around this book. Find them to reveal the secret words, good luck!
When we arrived at the SS Great Britain the first bit was just the gift shop so we went through and when we were through I was amazed! The Ss Great Britain was MASSIVE! It was so cool! There were so many flags on the rigging from all over the world!
Before the boat
I really wanted to get on her so I asked mum if I could. She said I could, but first we had to go through an exhibition to get there. The exhibition was amazing! There were lots of different bits about the ship and there where these cool bits were you could stamp a certain country onto your ticket!
A bit of history...
Did you know?
The Ss Great Britain was built in 1843 at the Great Western Dockyard which is in Bristol.
She’s the first steam ship to go across the Atlantic Ocean.
She’s 98 metres long and almost ten metres high!
She was made to carry 360 passengers and 130 crew members!
On board the ship
I was so excited to get on the ship! It was really big! There were so many cool things! Like a sign saying, “only first class past this point.” I thought it was funny. There was also a fake cow in a stable which kept going “moo!”