The Hunger Project 2019

by Mrs. Anderson's 2018-2019 Class


The Hunger Project
The Hunger Project
Mrs. Anderson's Class: Allison, Arianna, Avi, Bianca, Brady, Bridget, Cece, Cecilia, Claire, Daniel, Dylan, Elliott, Justin, Luke, Noah, Olivia, Riya, Sarah, Sophia, Talia
Claire & Talia
What does it mean to be truly hungry?
In the United states one in six people struggles with hunger.
When you are hungry you can not sleep. You do not have any energy so its hard to walk. And you can not walk to get food.
Some people have malnutrition, it is the lack of nutrients needed to grow and stay healthy. It's not like when you don't eat snack or breakfast and you are a little hungry. It's big like when you don't eat for weeks. It's bad.
Cece & Dylan
What does it mean to be truly hungry?
"Sometimes I'd sleep without eating. It's very difficult and I don't like it. You spend the night hungry and in the morning it's worse." -Ending Poverty and Hunger by Judith Anderson with Christian Aid.
When you are truly hungry it is not like you just have not had a snack, it is like you have not eaten in a week. If people don't eat they will die. This is called starvation.
Sometimes people have some food but not enough food to feel full or to be healthy. For example, if you have a steady diet of hotdogs you would not be getting enough nutrients to be heathy. This is called malnutrition.
This is two sad, hungry boys with malnutrition that can not eat.
Cecilia & Riya
Who is hungry? Where do hungry children live?
Who is hungry?
People who live in poverty are often hungry.
Children are hungry. Every six seconds a child dies from hunger.
One out of nine people are hungry.
Where do hungry children live?
This map shows countries where the most hungry people live.
*South America *Ethiopia
*Central America *Pakistan
*China *India
Daniel & Luke
Why are children hungry?
Natural disasters destroy jobs or crops so people can't get money for food.
Tornadoes and Earthquakes are the most dangerous natural disasters. They destroy everything in their paths. They can destroy farms, homes, stores, and crops.
Droughts can dry up water to water the crops.
Poor people do not have money to buy food. Poverty is the main reason people are hungry.
Wars can destroy farms houses and stores too. They are bad things that are happening in our world.

Fires can burn many things like houses, crops, farms, and animals that give you food.
Arianna & Avi
What happens to your body when you are truly hungry?
If you are hungry your bones break easily
and you feel...
and you have ...
-Weak muscles
-Bleeding gums
-Dry skin
And you are more likely to get sick and die.
Lots of people are so hungry that they have big bellies full of gas.
This person is so hungry that he can't move.
Kids can get so hungry and get so sick that they have to go to the doctor.