A Day in the Life of a 10 Year Old Viking

by by Ethan Grimes


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A day in the life of...

a 10 year old viking!
In the morning:
I get up at sunrise and my mother makes our family breakfast, we call this Dagmal. We usually have fruit, bread or leftovers from the night before. My sisters Frigg and Lagurtha help my mother to make the food. All the females work together to clean up once we have all eaten.
Before I go out to work on the land with my father I put on my woollen tunic, cloak and my leather shoes. I bring a knife with me so that I can do my jobs with the animals and to help with other jobs.
My day on the farm:
I go to work on the farm with my father and my brothers. We spend our days looking after the animals and the crops. We take care of the animals and get them ready to sell down at the market. We kill some of the animals so that we can eat them.
My father spends some of the day teaching me new skills. I have been practicing horse riding everyday and my father has been teaching me how to properly look after the animals.
While our fathers finish off the last of the work, myself and the other boys practice our fighting. We practice with spears, axes and swords. I hope that one day I will be as good at fighting as my father is.
In the evening:
In the evening we go down to our local port to sell our animals and our crops. We are looking to sell these for silver so that we can use this to buy hay and other items.
When we come home in the evening the women have our food ready. The females cook our food in pots over the fire. The men and boys get to plate up their meal first and the female can plate up theirs afterwards. We are always very hungry after our day of hard work and we eat a lot of hot, stodgy food to fill us up. We usually have meat such as sheep, pig, horse goat and cow as well as vegetables and wild fruit.

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