St. Cloud Solidarity

by Kimberly Pallant (@KPreadsbooks)


St. Cloud Solidarity
Written with St. Cloud families
May 2021
In 2020, there was a rise in violence and hatred against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. The St. Cloud Elementary School community came together in solidarity to stand up and support their Asian American and Pacific Islander neighbors. St. Cloud Elementary school students wrote this book to teach others how to be an upstander against all forms of hatred.
The artwork in this book was inspired by our Solidarity Storytime discussion related to the books Eyes That Kiss in the Corners by Joanna Ho and My Footprints by Bao Phi and created by St. Cloud families.
Copyright 2021
Jaguar Productions
What does Solidarity mean? St. Cloud students can tell you.
Supporting others within and outside our community.
Standing together
Supporting community members who are experiencing a hard time.
St. Cloud families are unique! Here are just a few examples of how amazing they are.
I am Chinese and I am proud of who I am!
One thing that makes me feel special is that I am part American and part Guyanese.
My family comes from Italy and Africa.
Something that is different about me is that I LOVE to draw and type.
 I can cross my eyes.
Something special about me is that I have braces.
Something that is different about me is that I have locs.