Book of Inspiring Women

by Westbourne House School


"Inspirational Women"
by Westbourne House School, Shopwyke, Chichester PO18 8DY, United Kingdom

Copyright 2018
A huge thank you goes out to all the pupils and teachers who contributed so thoughtfully to this book.

The book was compiled by Abi C, Fraser L, Issy A and Laura H, Year 8 pupils at Westbourne House in 2018.

Every effort has been made to use images that are rights-free, and photographers have been credited wherever possible.
Westbourne House School was founded as a boys’ school in 1907. For 80 years, the only girl pupils were the daughters of Mr Sharman and Mr Shilcock, previous Headmasters. When the Pre-Prep opened in 1987, the first girls ‘officially’ joined Westbourne House, and girls joined the Prep School five years later in 1992.

In celebration of 30 years of girls at Westbourne House, and to mark International Women’s Day, we decided to create a Book of Inspiring Women, written and illustrated by the Westbourne House community. Inspired by the popular crowd-funded book Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, Inspirational Women is filled with stories about women who inspire Westbourne House girls and boys today.
English Cricketer
Old Westbournian
When Holly was at Westbourne, she really enjoyed cricket. She played in the 1st XI in years 7 and 8 for Westbourne. She went on to Brighton, continuing to play cricket. She played for the Sussex Cricket Club from May 2005 to July 2008.

Then she was the youngest English test cricketer ever. She played many matches for England, including against India on 14 August 2006 and against South Africa on 2007.

In 2018, Holly was selected in the the women's all-time T20I XI.
By Alex L, Year 4
"This sums me up. I like a challenge."
Fran Kirby plays for Chelsea ladies football club and inspires me to play football. Fran shows me that I can play football even though I am a girl and still be successful, where football is normally played by men. She started at a local team in Reading and worked her way up to be in both the England squad and one of the best league teams – Chelsea - even though she had struggled with depression after her mum died.

Therefore, Fran shows me that even though you are going through tricky times, if you persevere, you will get through it. Fran also inspires me as a team player and to give her best. An example of this is how she helps the team in whatever position she is playing in, as demonstrated in the 2017 European Championships where she played in midfield rather than her preferred striker position. 
By Zahra S, Year 5