Brick by Brick

by Deborah Sala

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For Edith Taskin, Lillian Glickman, and my mom Lorraine Maloney for their dedication to keeping the history of North Adams alive. For Roger Rivers, Edmond Trudeau, and Stephen Boisvert who are no longer with us but will always inspire me. For the North Adams Historical Society for sharing their collection with all who visit, and Gene and Justyna Carlson for all they do. And to my family, and especially my husband Gene, for all their love and support.
Table of Contents

4. Nature in Our Backyard
5. Weather
6. Natural Bridge
7. Hoosic River, Windsor Lake
8. Mohawk Trail
9. Fort Massachusetts
10. Early Settlers
11. Jeremiah Colgrove
12. Farming
13. A Community of Hard Working People
14. Stores
15. Hoosac Tunnel
16. North Adams 1896
17. James Hunter Machine Company
18. North Adams Brick Company
19. Brick Making
20. Cutting's Store
21. Arnold Print Works
22. Italian Americans
23. French Canadians
24. Welsh
25. Chinese

26. Sprague Electric Company
27. Wall Streeter Shoe Company
28. North Adams Public Library
29. Schools
30. Recreation
31. Military
32. Veterans
33. Influential People
34. Shaping the Future
35. North Adams Hospital
36. Our Community
37. Vocabulary
38. Resources