Turkey Time Math Word Problems

by By Mrs. Samuelson's Fourth Graders


Turkey Trouble 
Math Word Problems
Created by Mrs. Samuelson's
Fourth Grade Students
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Mrs. Samuelson's mom (Mamaw) put together a craftivity for each student to construct their own turkey. Students used these creations to some Math word problems for you to solve.
Students responded to a Seesaw Activity to help them as they created their carrot craft and developed their math word problem.
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Happy Math Solving.
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Goblber tried to fly 90 times on Monday.He tried to fly 51 times more on Tuesday. How many times did he try to fly in all?
Gobbler had 9063 feathers. he lost 5920 feathers. how many feather does he have left?
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Willbert saw 440 seeds on Monday and 320 on Tuesday. How many seeds did he see in all?
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