My Pet Monster

by Robyn Torry and Jason Sand


"A child's classroom should reach out to the world."

Robyn Torry
Robyn Torry is a primary school teacher in Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada. She encourages her students to create, collaborate and share their learning with students from around the world.

Robyn and her husband currently reside in Lloydminster, where the both of them share a passion for teaching.

Robyn has been passionate about teaching since she was a little girl. Now within her own classroom, she is creating opportunities for her students to showcase their learning to the world. The students enjoy using technology to create content. They have just began collaborating with each other and now other students.

Robyn became an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2013. She has presented on innovative ways to use educational technologies at regional conferences.
"Co-Authoring Childrens's Books with my students transformed the way I look at learning in my Classroom."

Jason Sand
Jason Sand is a Multi-Media Teacher in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. He enjoys helping students through the process of creating digital media in a variety of forms.

Jason is the father of three amazing daughters which he and his wife Syreeta enjoy watching grow. Mckenna, Janaya and Addyson have been an inspiration behind the development of these resources.

Jason's interest in art from a young age has helped, fuel his passion for creating. Now as a teacher this passion for creating, combined with his love for technology have allowed both him and his students to create new content. The recent experience of co-publishing with his students has been rewarding.

Jason became an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2009 and he is now a member of the Canadian Board for Apple Distinguished Educators. Jason presents regularly on digital media, digital citizenship, and the effective use of educational technologies at regional and national conferences. He shares his best practices from his classroom on his website
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My pet monster’s name is Spot. My pet monster is green. My pet monster likes playing hockey. His antennas are straight. My pet monster is a boy. My pet monster likes being with me.
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