by Grade 3 Solon Elementary School. Teachers Richard Reichenbach and Melody Rich


Found Creatures Inspired by the Art of Ashley Bryant
Grade 3
Solon Elementary School
My puppet hatched an egg and it was born a fox owl in the forest of shadow.
It's mother was an owl and it's dad was a fox.
It had wings like an owl, eyes and feet.
She has fur like a fox.
And her name is Fox Owl.

Lillianna M.
Mr. Big Mouth

Once he was a paper towel roll
Until I used the hard stuff that looks like skin
With a body that needed a head
I grabbed a sock and sponge
What's a head without a hat?
A spool will do.
His face was made with buttons and straws.
With his mouth as big as his face,
He needed to be called Mr. Big Mouth

Baustyn I.
The story of my puppet Mr. Nugget

Mr. Nugget was once in the U.S. Army.
He was a very good pilot. In fact he was the best one in the world.
But one day he decided to retire the U.S. Army and was so sad that he did.
Soon he found a replacement then he shot down a plane on his team.
This got him fired and so Mr. Nugget joined back and lived a happy life.

Derek D.