Incredible Freedom Machines: The Journey

by FH Miller Grade 6's (@CampbellMira)


Library Partnership Project
Ms. Campbell (TL)
& Mr. Nock's Grade 6 Class
This was a partnership project
between Ms. Campbell,
and Mr. Nock's
Grade 6 Class
at FH Miller Jr PS
February 2020
Global Competencies
Project Inspiration...
Written By: Kirli Saunders
Illustrated By: Matt Ottley
"She was small when she heard about them... the incredible freedom machines.” 

In this sumptuous story of exploration and breaking boundaries, a young girl uncovers her very own freedom machine--a vehicle that carries her to all kinds of wondrous places
Demonstrates the many ways that torn, crinkled, and smudged bits of paper can be transformed into various shapes and images. 
When you you have made a mistake

Think of it as an opportunity to make something….
All Book Descriptions:
~ NoveList K-8
Vashti believes that she cannot draw, but her art teacher's encouragement leads her to change her mind.
Students were read the book Incredible Freedom Machines. We discussed the themes of the book and wondered what would our own Freedom Machines allow us to experience?
Student Response to Story:
“It’s sort of like a learning curve... everyone has their own time to do it. Or, it happens like at the beginning it was slow and the more she did it, it got better like reading. Some days are better than others.” 
~ Xander Grech, Grade 6