Our Robot Designs 2019

by Vex Robotics Group 2019/20 (@StMarysPPS)


Our Robot Designs
Theme: A Better Future
Vex Robotics Group 2019/20

SMPPS, Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland
About the Authors
We love robots and we want our robots to save the planet.

We are a group of 5th and 6th class pupils in Saint Mary's Parish Primary School in Drogheda, Ireland. We love using technology and Book Creator helped us to work together in a fun and creative way.

We have been working on a VEX robotics project this year. We build and program robots. As part of our project we also designed some robots of our own. We designed them ourselves. We love our robots and we hope you love them too!
The Gordon Rams3y-3000

My robot (The Gordon Rams3y 3000) would speed up the cooking process and is able to deliver food to you at any time, anywhere.

My robot is a talking, floating oven/pantry. It can be any colour you like as long as it is green! When your meal is ready the lights on its head will light up and it will make a buzz.

My Robot has many ways to cook. A quick idea how? It’s able to cook steak well done, medium well, medium, medium rare, rare and blue rare. It is also able to make a paella in 3 minutes and that's FAST.

It also carries around a mini pantry in its back in which it is able to gather around its own ingredients and cutlery.

It flies by an electric engine. While it is cooking the food, the robot plugs himself in and charges. The motor that makes him fly is run on electricity as well.

It will also help climate change by spreading pollen while flying. He has a little pollen pouch that automatically opens when it sees a flower (a bit like a bomber plane). It also does the same by sucking up pollen with a tube.

By Eoin
The Dogobot-500
My robot is a dog. This solves many problems such as he or she won’t bite or destroy things and won’t be harmful to other people. Another bonus is they won’t have to do any business. Which I personally think is the best thing and for that reason most kids are not able to get dogs because their parents don’t want to deal with the dogs business.

If your Mam or Dad are allergic don’t worry you can still get the Dogobot 500 because this new robot dog doesn’t have any hair. You can also teach it to do tricks in seconds, which I think is pretty cool. This new robot dog is also autonomous so it has a mind of its own.
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